Private Spanish Classes

Individual Spanish lessons are without doubt the most convenient way of learning Spanish as it gives you the freedom to shape your classes exactly how you want them to be. You decide the number of classes you want to take, where and when they take place and most importantly what they focus on. You control the pace and rhythm of learning maximising your progression.

Before we start you will be asked to provide us with detailed information on your current Spanish level and your objectives for the classes. Based on that information we create a 100% personalised study program, choosing best learning materials and diverse exercises to ensure that your personal study objectives are met and hopefully exceeded!

In class, you express yourself in different real life situations, applying your Spanish knowledge into your own personal context. Thanks to so much direct one-to-one personal contact, we quickly get to know our private students, which teaching techniques and learning methods they best respond to, allowing us to optimise their motivation and stretch them to their limits. They also get to know us, we have fun in class and from here we naturally develop a certain bond and a degree of friendship which totally removes their embarrassment or fear of speaking a foreign language.

Private Spanish Classes are taken alone or – we will be delighted to plan your classes so you have a perfect schedule.

Hope to see you very soon in one of our classes!

Private Spanish Classes FAQ

How many classes can I take
per week?

As many as you like. Students typically take 5 classes a week. We recommend taking private classes in blocks of 1.5 teaching hours.

When can I start?

Any day of the week, including Saturdays.

Where will my classes take place?

At Càlamus Centre Escola d'Idiomes (see map for location).

What's the timetable?

Your private Spanish classes are scheduled at your convenience. They may take place any day of the week, including Saturdays, between 8:30 and 22:00.

What's the minimum age to
take private classes?

There are no age limits for individual classes. We organize private Spanish classes for children, teenagers and adults.

What levels are available?

6 different levels, from complete beginners to fluency.

How long does each class last?

1.5 hour.

Will I receive a certificate at
the end of my course?

Yes! The certificate will show the number of classes you have taken, your attendance rate as well as your Spanish level.


30 €/h

Can Private Spanish Classes be cancelled?

Yes. Simply inform the school by email or phone 24 hours (one working day) before the time of the class and we will reschedule at a convenient time. If less than 24 hours (one working day) notice is given, the class cannot be made up at a later date and you miss it.

If you have any enquiries or would like more details on Càlamus Centre de Formació’s Private Spanish Classes, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help!




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